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Level 3 Diploma in Accounting

LCCI Level 3 qualifications develop your ability to learn and apply a range of knowledge, understanding and skills at a detailed level. They help you to use your learning in a wide range of complex tasks and situations, and develop your supervisory skills. If your job role requires you to work independently or supervise and train others in your field of work, then this level is suitable for you.


Subjects Offered

  1. Level 2 Book-Keeping and Accounts – 3 Study Packs

  2. Level 3 Accounting – 4 Study packs, 1 revision packs.

  3. Level 3 Business Statistics – 3 Study Packs

  4. Level 3 Advanced Business Calculations 

  5. Level 3 Cost & Management Accounting - 4 Study Packs

  6. Mata Pelajaran Pengajian Umum


Certificate in Bookkeeping and Accounts

The LCCI Book-keeping and Accounts certificate is an invaluable qualification for anyone wishing to gain employment related to accounts. Holders of this certificate will find little difficulty in gaining employment as every organization is bound by law to keep proper accounts. Students can sit for the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) international qualifications examinations at the end of this course.


Group Diploma in Accounting

The LCCI Diploma in Accounts consist of 4 individual subjects. Students are required to pass a minimum of 3 subjects with Level 3 Accounting as a compulsory. 

Level 3 Accounting :

Our international LCCI Level 3 Certificate in Accounting helps learners build on their ability to prepare and interpret accounts for different types of businesses, in accordance with basic accounting conventions and current UK accounting practice. It also develops students' ability to apply the key principles in decision making. This qualification is suitable for those working or intending to work in advanced accounting roles with a high level of autonomy. Suitable for those who have studied the Level 2 Book-keeping and Accounts (IAS)

Level 3 Business Statistics :

Our international LCCI qualifications in Business Statistics help learners to develop knowledge and understanding of statistical techniques, methods and concepts which can be applied to analyse data and solve business problems. They're suitable for those working or preparing to work in business and research areas such as forecasting, data collection and analysis or finance and accountancy, where they will be sourcing and analysing business-related data.

Level 3 Advanced Business Calculations : 

Our international LCCI new from 2019 Level 3 Certificate in Advanced Business Calculations helps learners build on their knowledge, understanding and ability to perform a variety of advanced calculations and apply data to solve problems associated with the financial aspects of business. It's suitable for those working or intending to work in finance-related roles, or those wanting to develop these skills for academic progression.

Level 3 Cost & Management Accounting : 

Our international LCCI Level 3 Certificate in Cost and Management Accounting helps learners to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding required for short and long-term decision-making, inventory control, accounting for overheads, working capital management, standard costing and preparing and controlling budgets. It's suitable for those working or preparing to work in accounting roles that require the use of management accounting techniques.


Computerised Accounting

  • SQL Accounting

  • SQL Payroll

  • Autocount Accounting

LCCI English for Business

Our LCCI International Qualifications in English for Business help learners to develop their reading, writing, listening and speaking business English language skills. They're suitable for those wanting to develop these skills at a basic functional level, those already able to communicate in a familiar business situation effectively, and those who are fully fluent and participate completely in all areas of business.

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