Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

What is LCCI ?

LCCI or London Chamber of Commerce and Industry is an external examination conducted in Malaysia. The idea of qualification created "by the business community for the business community" began with the London Chamber of Commerce more than 100 years ago. From a small number of working people who took the first certificates back in the 1880s to over 500,000 entries last year, the LCCI Examinations Board has continued to lead the world in the development of pre-professional qualifications for international business. The LCCI qualification is now available in more than 120 countries worldwide and in many of these countries the LCCI certificates and diplomas are often referred to as a "PASSPORTS TO EMPLOYMENT". In Malaysia, the LCCI certificates and diplomas are widely known and respected for the consistently high standards of achievement they represent. The large numbers of job opportunities that can be seen advertised in our daily newspapers speak for itself. The LCCI qualification is held in high regard by many employers in Malaysia. Questions" button.

What do i study in LCCI ?

LCCI offers many single subject certificates and group diplomas in a very wide field.

One of the most popular LCCI qualifications in Malaysia is the LCCI Level Three Group DIPLOMA IN ACCOUNTING. To qualify for this diploma, candidates must pass the Level Three Accounting paper plus any two other subjects from a pool of options available.

Is the LCCI Examination a local qualification ?

No, the question papers are set in Coventry, England; sent to Malaysia for the students to take the examination and then sent back to ENGLAND for marking. The results are then released on-line about two months later to be followed with the certificates and diplomas.

Who can study for this Examination ?

Any student who has completed SPM/Senior Middle Three or any working adult who is above 16 years of age.

What qualifications do I need before I can study for this course ?

The LCCI qualification is open to ANYBODY who wishes to study for the certificates or diplomas. No basic qualification is required

Should I do STPM/'A' Levels or LCCI ?

Students who study STPM intend to enter local universities. If that is not your aim, then why study STPM?

Students who study 'A' Levels intend to enter overseas universities, which can be very expensive. The LCCI Level Three Diploma in Accounting is also recognised by many overseas universities. It is also recognised for entry into a number of local twinning degree programmes offered by many colleges in Malaysia.

A complete one-year programme for the LCCI Level Three Diploma will cost less than RM5,000 inclusive of all books and examination fees while an 'A' Level programme may cost anywhere from RM15,000 to RM25,000.

A full list of universities that recognise the LCCI qualifications can be viewed at (see LINK TO LCCI)

What's the differences between CAT and LCCI ?

CAT : Must pass ALL 9 papers to get the full CAT CERTIFICATE
LCCI: Pass ONLY 4 papers for a DIPLOMA. Get a diploma first.

CAT : Exempted from 3 papers of Level 1-ACCA
LCCI: Must pass the 3 papers of Level 1-ACCA

CAT : Annual subscription fee = £ 112 (RM584 +/-)
LCCI: NO subscription fee

CAT : Exam fee = £ 84 (RM438 +/-) per subject
LCCI: Exam fee = RM 240 per subject (Year 2019 rate)

Can I start working after the LCCI Diploma Programme ?

The LCCI diploma is much more widely recognised by employers in Malaysia as compared to those who start work after their STPM, 'A' Levels or Foundation programme.

Check the daily newspaper advertisements, jobstreet, linkedin for job vacancies.

I want to become an Accountant, where do I start ?

Firstly, complete the LCCI Level Three Diploma in Accounting, proceed with the LCCI Level Four Certificate in Financial Accounting. By completing the above, you will be exempted from the ACCA first three papers. The LCCI programme will give you a more solid foundation in accounting and business than many other courses

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